What’s a Mirr?

Mirr is a touch screen mirror fitted with a variety of apps that allows you to follow along with makeup tutorials, watch Netflix or listen to Spotify, all while remaining usable as a mirror.

When not in use, the mirror returns to a mirror. However, with makeup applications, in particular, you can keep half of the mirror reflective while following along with a makeup tutorial on the other half.

This isn’t just a concept…we’re on our third iteration and its only getting better. Here it is in use!

Benefits of a Mirr

Mirr is a first step toward a more integrated future. Users can benefit from it’s use as a versatile multitasking device, they can use it as a discrete console to control there smart home, or when not in use as a regular mirror.

Makeup artist will see a particular benefit as they can follow a makeup tutorial alongside their reflection, saving the hassle of looking up and down at a phone and making the experience easier.

When can I get one?

Mirr is currently a startup taking part in Pioneer and it is still under active development.

Although not on the market we are eager to get Mirr out there, we plan to work as hard as we can to develop the most polished and seamless experience to the user.

We have began accepting pre-orders via email inquiry. Mirr is a high-tech mirror integrated with touch screen technology and a wide range of applications. The 21.5 inch Mirr costs €500. This includes custom fitting anywhere in Ireland

If your interested in a Pre-Order, let us know!

We will add you to our waiting list and make sure your the first to know when we launch!

Meet the team

The Mirr team formed as part of the Patch Summer Accelerator
Alice Shaughnessy

Alice Shaughnessy


Alice joined MIRR as part of the Patch 2020 accelerator and intends to study engineering in NUI Galway. For another project, she won Best Technology Project at BTYSTE 2019 as well as at Scifect 2019. Additionally, Alice was a finalist at both the International Science and Technology Exhibition 2020 and Hong Kong’s Global Science and Technology Bowl 2020.


Mirr has been part of both the Patch Summer Accelerator and Is currently in the Pioneer Remote Accelerator
Patch Summer Accelerator

Patch Summer Accelerator

Patch is a 6 week long summer accelerator for 16 – 20 year olds. We bring together curious young people who want to work on projects and learn from the best. The programme is philanthropically funded and open to future entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, designers and technologists of all stripes.



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