Mirror First

MIRR is a touch screen, smart mirror. It can play videos, games, browse the web, play the news and more. But it is most importantly a mirror. A specially installed operating system ensures it remains a mirror when not in use

Makeup Tutorials

Mirr is first and foremost designed to help with makeup tutorials, allowing the user to have half the mirror dedicated to makeup tutorials and allowing the other half to be used to apply and follow the tutorial.

MIRR comes with a suite of extra features to assist makeup application an optional external camera which can be freely manipulated. It can be used to zoom in on the face when required. Additionally, the camera can be handheld to view different angles of the face whilst looking straight at the MIRR screen

It supports thousands of applications such as Netflix and YouTube that can be accessed whilst using the mirror for its usual function such as applying makeup. It can act as a television, multimedia device, home hub, IoT controller and more, the applications are endless

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